AEM 6 - TouchUI Asset Search Select Path Predicate


Restrict results to assets from certain folder by default when user opens the Search Inner Rail in Touch UI. Projects assets are generally placed in certain root folder (eg. /content/dam/MyProject) and it'd be nice if the search rail by default returns assets from this folder and not entire DAM

Demo | Package Install


1) Create a Search Facet with Path Predicate

              a. Open Search Facets console  (http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/gui/content/customsearch/searchfacetformlister.html/dam/gui/content/facets) and Edit Assets search facets

              b. Drag and Drop a Path Predicate

              c. Select the project path for path predicate

              d. The predicate shows up in search inner rail

2) The next step is to code a small extension to select path predicate by default when user opens search rail, so that we save author additional 2 clicks each time, for getting the assets results from configured path

          a) Login to CRXDE Lite (http://localhost:4502/crx/de) and create folder /apps/touchui-select-path-predicates

          b) Create node /apps/touchui-select-path-predicates/clientlib of type cq:ClientLibraryFolder and add a String property categories with value

          c) Create file (nt:file) /apps/touchui-select-path-predicates/clientlib/js.txt and add


          d) Create file (nt:file) /apps/touchui-select-path-predicates/clientlib/select.js and add the following code.

(function(document, $) {
        var $path = $("[data-type='path']");

        if($path.length == 0){

        //defined in /libs/dam/gui/content/assets/jcr:content/body/content/aside/items/search
        var ASSET_RAIL_SEARCH = "#aem-assets-rail-search";
        var $button = $path.find("[role='button']");
        var $checkbox = $path.find("input[type='checkbox']");

        var doSearch = function(){

        if($.cookie("endor.innerrail.current") == ASSET_RAIL_SEARCH){

        $(document).on('click', '.js-endor-innerrail-toggle', function(e) {
})(document, Granite.$);

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