AEM 6 SP2 - Classic UI Side By Side Version Diff Compare


Create a mirror view or side by side compare of page version diff and current version so that user can spot changes and view current version at the same time in single window

The demo uses iframes scaled down do 80%, to show version diff and current version in two panes with pages loaded as wcmmode disabled; user is not logged into aem in the iframes, so page shows anonymous view

To keep view in sync, the two iframes listen to scroll events of each other; if view sync is not required, comment evenScroll() calls

When the content finder is open, diff extension window some times doesn't show on top of side kick and content finder (at the front) as shown here, a known bug

Demo | Package Install

Side by Side Diff button

Side by Side Compare window


1) Login to CRXDE Lite (http://localhost:4502/crx/de) and create folder /apps/classic-ui-side-by-side-diff

2) Create node /apps/classic-ui-side-by-side-diff/clientlib of type cq:ClientLibraryFolder and add a String property categories with value cq.widgets and dependencies of type String[] with value underscore

3) Create file (nt:file) /apps/classic-ui-side-by-side-diff/clientlib/js.txt and add


4) Add the following code in /apps/classic-ui-side-by-side-diff/clientlib/side-by-side-diff.js


ExperienceAEM.SideDiff = {
    LEFT_PANE: 'eaem-left-pane',
    RIGHT_PANE: 'eaem-right-pane',
    BUT_ID: 'eaem-side-diff',

    createDiffWindow: function(lUrl, rUrl){
        var E = ExperienceAEM.SideDiff;

        //scale down the iframe to 80% for better view
        var frameStyle= "style='width: 1000px; height: 1000px; " +
                        "-webkit-transform: scale(0.8); -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0; " +
                        "-moz-transform: scale(0.8); -moz-transform-origin: 0px 0px;'";

        var lFrame = "<iframe " + frameStyle + " id='" + E.LEFT_PANE + "' src='" + lUrl + "'></iframe>";
        var rFrame = "<iframe " + frameStyle + " id='" + E.RIGHT_PANE + "' src='" + rUrl + "'></iframe>";

        var divStyle = "width: 800px; height: 1000px; ";

        var lBox = new CQ.Ext.BoxComponent({
            autoEl: { tag: 'div', html: lFrame, style: divStyle }

        var rBox = new CQ.Ext.BoxComponent({
            autoEl: { tag: 'div', html: rFrame, style: divStyle }

        var panel = new CQ.Ext.Panel({
            header: false,
            border: false,
            height: 820,
            width: 1600,
                layoutConfig: {
                    columns: 2
                items:[lBox , rBox ]

        var config = {
            title: "Side by Side Compare",
            x: 25,
            items: [ panel ]

        var win = new CQ.Ext.Window(config);

        win.on('show', function(){
            var $left = $("#" + E.LEFT_PANE), $right = $("#" + E.RIGHT_PANE);

            //to keep view in sync, the two iframes listen to scroll events of each other
            evenScroll($left, $right);
            evenScroll($right, $left);


        function evenScroll($one, $two){
                    var $this = $(this);

    addButton: function(){
        var E = ExperienceAEM.SideDiff;

        //buttons panel is the first component of "Restore Version" panel
        var bPanel = this.getComponent(0);
        var sideDiff = bPanel.getComponent(E.BUT_ID);

        //check if side diff button was already added
        if( sideDiff != null){

        var sk = CQ.WCM.getSidekick();

        //get the grid containing versions.. grid panel is the second component of "Restore Version" panel
        //grid is the only component in grid panel
        var grid = this.getComponent(1).getComponent(0);

        sideDiff = {
            xtype: "button",
            id: E.BUT_ID,
            text: "| Diff |",
            handler: function() {
                var rec = grid.getSelectionModel().getSelected();

                if (!rec) {
                    CQ.Ext.Msg.alert("Select", "Please select a version");

                var HTTP = CQ.HTTP;

                var left = HTTP.externalize(sk.getPath() + ".html");
                var right = HTTP.externalize(sk.getPath() + ".html");

                left = HTTP.addParameter(left, "cq_diffTo",;
                left = HTTP.addParameter(left, "wcmmode", "disabled");
                left = HTTP.noCaching(left);

                right = HTTP.addParameter(right, "wcmmode", "disabled");
                right = HTTP.noCaching(right);

                E.createDiffWindow(left, right);



    getPanel: function(){
        var sk = CQ.WCM.getSidekick();

            return null;

        var rVersion = null;

            var vPanel = sk.panels[CQ.wcm.Sidekick.VERSIONING];

                return null;

            rVersion = vPanel.findBy(function(comp){
                return comp["title"] == "Restore Version";

                return null;
            console.log("Error adding side by side diff", err);

        return rVersion[0];

    var pathName = window.location.pathname;

    if( ( pathName !== "/cf" ) && ( pathName.indexOf("/content") !== 0)){

    var E = ExperienceAEM.SideDiff;

    var SK_INTERVAL = setInterval(function(){
        //get the Restore Version panel
        var panel = E.getPanel();



        panel.on('activate', E.addButton);
    }, 250);


  1. page revision comparison is not working in 6.1.Do we need to configure anything regrading the same so that it works?.Working fine in geometrixx but not in other sites.

  2. Hi Sreekanth,

    I know this old post, but is there any way we can do this in Touch Ui ?