AEM 62 - Classic UI show Nodename and not dc:title or jcr:title in Path Field of RTE Link Plugin Dialog


Show the node name and NOT dc:title or jcr:title in Pathfield widget of Link plugin dialog

For showing node name in Classic UI Pathfield widget browse dialog check this post

Demo | Package Install




1) Login to CRXDE Lite, create folder (nt:folder) /apps/eaem-classicui-rte-link-pathfield-show-nodename-not-dctitle

2) Create clientlib (type cq:ClientLibraryFolder/apps/eaem-classicui-rte-link-pathfield-show-nodename-not-dctitle/clientlib and set property categories of String type to cq.widgets and dependencies to underscore

3) Create file ( type nt:file ) /apps/eaem-classicui-rte-link-pathfield-show-nodename-not-dctitle/clientlib/js.txt, add the following


4) Create file ( type nt:file ) /apps/eaem-classicui-rte-link-pathfield-show-nodename-not-dctitle/clientlib/show-nodename.js, add the following code

    var EAEM_LINK_DIALOG = CQ.Ext.extend(CQ.form.rte.plugins.LinkDialog, {
        constructor: function(config) {
            config = config || {};

  , config);

            var pathField = this.findByType("pathfield")[0];

            pathField.on("dialogopen", function(){
                this.browseDialog.treePanel.on('load', showNodeName);

            function showNodeName(node){
                _.each(node.childNodes, function(childNode){
                    //set the nodename replacing jcr:title (folders) or dc:title (assets)

    CQ.Ext.reg("rtelinkdialog", EAEM_LINK_DIALOG);

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