AEM 63 - Touch UI make General group Components available to demo site We.Retail


In vanilla AEM 63, the components of General group available to site /content/we-retail are Content Fragment, Experience Fragment and Layout Container

This simple post is on configuring We.Retail template Hero Page - /conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/templates/hero-page, the template for page - /content/we-retail/language-masters/en.html, to have text component - /libs/foundation/components/text from General group available for drag and drop

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Package Install


1) Access We.Retail site templates, Start -> Tools -> General -> Templates -> We.Retail  - http://localhost:4502/libs/wcm/core/content/sites/templates.html/conf/we-retail

2) Edit Hero Page template - http://localhost:4502/editor.html/conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/templates/hero-page/structure.html

3) In the Structure mode of Hero Page template, click on the Policy icon of Layout container component

4) In the Layout Container Design -> Properties -> Allowed Components, select the components of General to be made available to pages of type Hero Page template, click Save

5) The Layout container policy setting and the policy allowed components in CRXDE http://localhost:4502/crx/de/index.jsp#/conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/policies/wcm/foundation/components/responsivegrid/we-retail-default

6) Foundation text component is now available to Hero pages - http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/we-retail/language-masters/en.html

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