AEM 6530 - Touch UI add numbering to Multifield Items


Add numbers to composite multifield items for easy identification...

Demo | Package Install | Github




1) Login to CRXDE Lite (http://localhost:4502/crx/de), create folder /apps/eaem-touchui-multifield-items-numbering

2) Create node /apps/eaem-touchui-multifield-items-numbering/clientlib of type cq:ClientLibraryFolder, add String[] property categories with value [cq.authoring.dialog.all], String[] property dependencies with value lodash.

3) Create file (nt:file) /apps/eaem-touchui-multifield-items-numbering/clientlib/js.txt, add


4) Create file (nt:file) /apps/eaem-touchui-multifield-items-numbering/clientlib/mf-items-numbering.js, add the following code

(function ($, $document) {
    var COMPOSITE_MULTIFIELD_SELECTOR = "coral-multifield[data-granite-coral-multifield-composite]";

    $document.on("foundation-contentloaded", addNumbering);

    function addNumbering(){
        _.each( [COMPOSITE_MULTIFIELD_SELECTOR], function(mfSel){
            var $mField = $(mfSel);

            $mField.on("coral-collection:add coral-collection:remove", function(event){
                var $mField = $(this);

                Coral.commons.ready(event.detail.item, function(){


        function numberMFItem($mField){
            var $mfContentItems = $mField.find("coral-multifield-item-content");

            _.each($mfContentItems, function(mfContentItem, index){
                var $mfContentItem = $(mfContentItem);

                    $mfContentItem.wrapInner('<div style="display:inline-block; margin-left: 5px; width: 96%">');

                $mfContentItem.prepend(getIndexHtml(index + 1));

        function getIndexHtml(index){
            return '<div class="eaem-mf-counter" style="display:inline-block; width: 2%; vertical-align: top; ">' +
                '<label class="coral-Form-fieldlabel">'
                + index +
                '.</label>' +
}(jQuery, jQuery(document),;


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