AEM Cloud Manager - Setup Git Remotes and Authentication on Windows

The Initial Sync section of Integrating with Git page explains setting up two remotes (origin for customer specific remote and adobe for cloud manager specific remote). This simple post is on providing authentication credentials in git bash so you can fetch both remotes...

1) You set the cloud manager remote by adding, for eg.

                                        git remote add adobe

2) Try fetching the remotes using git fetch --all and you might see the error fatal: Authentication failed for ''

3) To get around the issue, set Windows git credential helper

                                        git config --global credential.helper wincred

4) Add credential config for the repo....

                                        git config credential. your-user-name

5) It adds an entry in repo config file experience-aem-demo-cs\.git\config

6) Trying a fetch now shows authentication window...

7) Successful fetch...

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