AEM CQ 561 - Using Manuscripts


Add a Manuscript on Geometrixx page. Manuscripts are simple text files particularly useful for a business user who likes to create content pieces or articles in a simple text editor with no unsightly text-formatting controls like the ones you see in a WYSIWYG editor. Drag and drop features make it easy for presentation editors to add them across pages. A manuscripts Article Component example is also available on Geometrixx Media site /content/geometrixx-media/en/entertainment/summer-blockbuster-hits-and-misses.html. Check demo


1) Access manuscripts admin page http://localhost:4502/manuscriptsadmin

2) Select a folder and click New in right panel

3) Enter title Quick Brown Fox, click Create

4) Double click on the created manuscript to open copy editor /quick-brown-fox.copyeditor.html

6) Copy or enter content. Here a single # before Header text marks it as html H1. click Save on top right in editor to save content

7)  Open a page in design mode and add Article component of Geometrixx Media in allowed components of par

8) Drag and drop Article component onto the par from sidekick

9) Drag and drop the Quick Brown Fox manuscript from content finder onto the added Article component

10) The same manuscript can be reused on any number of pages and can be modified using the copy editor

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