AEM 61 - Sample Granite Widget In Touch UI extending Multifield to Limit Items


Create Touch UI Limit Multifield widget extending Granite Multifield widget, for limiting the number of items added in a multifield

Unlike Classic UI xtypes, widgets in Granite framework work with server-side rendering principles (html prepared on the server and executed on client). This sample Touch UI Granite widget is analogous to Classic UI xtype with following inheritance

/apps/touchui-limit-multifield ->  /libs/granite/ui/components/foundation/form/multifield -> /libs/granite/ui/components/foundation/form/field

Dialog of foundation page component (/libs/foundation/components/page/cq:dialog/content/items/tabs/items/basic/items/column/items/vanityurl/items/vanitypath) modified for demonstration only (on Geometrixx pages), ideally the foundation components should never be altered...

For Classic UI check this post

Demo | Package Install

Configure fieldLimit, set sling:resourceType to /apps/touchui-limit-multifield

Page Properties Dialog Validation Error

Page Properties Dialog Full Screen Validation Error


1) Login to CRXDE Lite, create nt:folder /apps/touchui-limit-multifield

2) Create nt:file /apps/touchui-limit-multifield/touchui-limit-multifield.jsp, add the following code. JS can be separated out into a clientlib

<%@ page import="com.adobe.granite.ui.components.Config" %>

<%@include file="/libs/granite/ui/global.jsp" %>

<%--include ootb multifield--%>
<sling:include resourceType="/libs/granite/ui/components/foundation/form/multifield"/>

    Config mCfg = cmp.getConfig();

    Resource mField = mCfg.getChild("field");

    ValueMap mVM = mField.getParent().adaptTo(ValueMap.class);

    String mFieldLimit = mVM.get("fieldLimit", "");


    String countValidatorId = "multifield-validator-" + System.currentTimeMillis(); //or some random number

coral validation framework ignores hidden and contenteditable fields, so add an invisible text field
the text field is just for registering a validator
<input type=text style='display:none' id="<%=countValidatorId%>"/>

        var fieldErrorEl = $("<span class='coral-Form-fielderror coral-Icon coral-Icon--alert coral-Icon--sizeS' " +
                                "data-init='quicktip' data-quicktip-type='error' />");

        var $countValidatorField = $("#<%=countValidatorId%>"),
            $multifield = $countValidatorField.prev().find(".coral-Multifield"),
            fieldLimit = parseInt($"fieldlimit")),
            count = $multifield.find(".coral-Multifield-input").length;

        //add validator on the multifield
            selector: $countValidatorField,
            validate: validate,
            show: show,
            clear: clear

        $multifield.on("click", ".js-coral-Multifield-add", function (e) {

        $multifield.on("click", ".js-coral-Multifield-remove", function (e) {

        function adjustMultifieldUI(){

            /*var $addButton = $multifield.find(".js-coral-Multifield-add");

            if(count >= fieldLimit){

        function validate(){
            if(count <= fieldLimit){
                return null;

            return "Limit set to " + fieldLimit;

        function show($el, message){

            var arrow = $multifield.closest("form").hasClass("coral-Form--vertical") ? "right" : "top";

                    .attr("data-quicktip-arrow", arrow)
                    .attr("data-quicktip-content", message)

        function clear(){

3) #6 for extending ootb mulitifield /libs/granite/ui/components/foundation/form/multifield using sling:include

4) #41 for registering a validator on the multifield, #48, #53 to trigger validator when user adds/removes items

5) To use the Limit Multifield in a TouchUI Dialog, set the following properties on node

                   sling:resourceType         /apps/touchui-limit-multifield
                   fieldLimit                 Integer eg. 3

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  1. I cannot see the error message when I try to add more fields that specified in the fieldLimit.
    Please suggest a solution.