AEM 61 - TouchUI Rich Text Editor Remove Unused Plugins


A sample extension for removing unused plugins in RTE (Rich Text Editor) of Touch UI. With the extension Inline Editor is stripped to have buttons for just full screen, close & save; Fullscreen Editor with only switch to inline...

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Inline Editor

Fullscreen Editor


1) Login to CRXDE Lite (http://localhost:4502/crx/de) and create folder /apps/touchui-hide-default-rte-plugins

2) Create node /apps/touchui-hide-default-rte-plugins/clientlib of type cq:ClientLibraryFolder and add a String property categories with value rte.coralui2

3) Create file (nt:file) /apps/touchui-hide-default-rte-plugins/clientlib/js.txt and add


4) Create file (nt:file) /apps/touchui-hide-default-rte-plugins/clientlib/remove-plugins.js and add the following code.

    var INLINE_TOOLBAR = [ "fullscreen#start", "control#close", "control#save"],
        FULLSCREEN_TOOLBAR = [ "fullscreen#finish"];

    var EAMCuiToolbarBuilder = new Class({
        toString: "EAEMCuiToolbarBuilder",

        extend: CUI.rte.ui.cui.CuiToolbarBuilder,

        _getUISettings: function(options) {
            var uiSettings = this.superClass._getUISettings(options);

            //inline toolbar - "#format", "#justify", "#lists", "links#modifylink",
            // "links#unlink", "fullscreen#start", "control#close", "control#save"
            uiSettings["inline"]["toolbar"] = INLINE_TOOLBAR.slice(0);

            //fullscreen toolbar - "format#bold", "format#italic", "format#underline",
            // "fullscreen#finish"....
            uiSettings["fullscreen"]["toolbar"] = FULLSCREEN_TOOLBAR.slice(0);

            return uiSettings;

    var EAEMToolkitImpl = new Class({
        toString: "EAEMToolkitImpl",

        extend: CUI.rte.ui.cui.ToolkitImpl,

        createToolbarBuilder: function() {
            return new EAMCuiToolbarBuilder();

    CUI.rte.ui.ToolkitRegistry.register("cui", EAEMToolkitImpl);

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