AEM 63 - This and That


With AEM 63, the default store for binaries is File Data Store - FDS; to find the location of binary on file system

     1) Get the jcr:content/metadata/dam:sha1 of binary from CRXDE eg. 4608b968ad44797313ee7d6710be9c3dfba1e937

     2) Search for the file with name as dam:shal value in <path_to_aem_author_install>/author/crx-quickstart/repository

     3) To be sure, just add the extension of binary eg. 4608b968ad44797313ee7d6710be9c3dfba1e937.jpg, dont forget to change it back to no extension


Scan access.log files and report page paths generating errors sorted by most frequent to least frequent (thank you Himanshu Pathak for the tip, more details here)

awk '{if($9!=200 && $9!=304 && $9!=302) { print $7 "\t" $9}}' access.log*  | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

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