AEM 65 - Assets Admin Search Rail Predicate to check if Node or Rendition or Thumbnail etc. exists


Create an Assets Search Form Predicate to give users flexibility searching for assets with missing renditions etc.

Demo | Package Install | Github


1) Install the extension for adding metadata exists predicate, discussed here

2) Add the predicate Experience AEM Metadata Exists Predicate in search form Assets Admin Search Rail http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/core/content/tools/customsearch.html/conf/global/settings/dam/search/facets/assets/jcr:content

3) Configure the rendition jcr:primaryType property e.g. to search for missing 48 x 48 renditions add jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.48.48.png/jcr:content/jcr:primaryType

4) Predicate in search rail...

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